Legal Battle in Guam Heats Up Over Slot Machine Initiative

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Gaming opponents and gaming supporters are having their legal battle heat up in Guam. An initiative is set to appear on the ballot this week, and opponents are trying to have it removed.

Attorney Cesar Cabot filed a motion in the Supreme Court on Saturday. The motion is for the court to reject a request of gaming opponents. The request is that the slot machine initiative be removed from the ballot.

The special election is on January 5th. The initiative, according to gaming opponent Lina’la Sin CasiNo, is worded so that it does not fully allow for voters to understand what they are voting for. They also claim that in the brochure sent out to voters, that all laws that are going to be affected by the initiative are not listed.

Guam Greyhound, who opponents claim are the only beneficiary of the initiative, believeĀ  novoline spiele the opposition has had ample time to oppose the initiative. They feel that waiting until the last minute was a ploy.

“This court should not allow petitioners to sit on their hands for over a year, or at least since October 26th 2007, and then be able to argue defects in the ballot title…and certification,” stated Attorney Cesar Cabot, the lawyer who filed the motion on Saturday.

Dice Game Goes Sour, Man Arrested For Illegal Gambling

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Underground gambling happens all across the United States. People play house card games. Dice is also popular on the streets. the problem with this form of gambling is that it is not regulated.

One man learned the hard way over the past few days about the dangers that lurk in illegal gambling. Ricky Lee Jones was shooting dice with Beauhanan D. Walker back on December 27th.

Jones and Walker apparently had a confrontation over the game of dice they were playing. walker picked up the money, that was being gambled illegally, and ran off. Jones then phoned police and filed a complaint claiming he wanted his portion of the illegal winnings.

On the next day, Walker was arrested as was Jones. They were both charged with forth degree illegal game betting. The charge carries a maximum sentence of a year in prison.

Jones was not arrested on the charge until a traffic stop on Friday. He was booked at the jail, then he was released on his own recognizance. Jones is fifty three years old. walker is twenty three. Police spent a few hours on December 27th investigating the gambling that was going on.