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Legislators Waiting On Tribal Women Before Making Casino Decision

Legislators Waiting On Tribal Women Before Making Casino Decision

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The Tigua Indian tribe in Austin, Texas, is trying to lobby legislators to make changes in state law that would allow them to re-open their casino that was shut down in 2001. The casino was shut down thanks to a successful lawsuit brought on by current US Senator John Cornyn.

The attempt by the Tiguas, however, has hit a road block. Women do not have the right to vote in tribal elections, and that is a cause for concern among legislators. The tribe does not want to change their laws regarding the women voting.

“The right to vote is a basic human right, and the tribe has economic development issues,” said Representative Valinda Bolton, “Those are true things, they are both true at the same time.” Bolton says she is “looking forward” to talking to women tribal members.

The women voting issue does not look to be one that will stop the process of trying to have the casino back opened. Legislators will meet with women tribal members to learn more about the custom of not allowing women to vote in tribal elections.

The tribe is pinning their hopes of new legislation on the economy. With the economy struggling, the tribe claims they can employ 800 people if the casino is re-opened. They also estimate that $800 million would go into the local economy.

Illegal Gambling Machines Cause Another Arrest, In Maryland

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The beat goes on for authorities around the US. Moving swiftly with an undeniable sense of focus, officers in Howard County, Maryland raided a popular bar this past week and have arrested the owner.


John Edward Divver was arrested and charged with four counts relating to illegal gambling. The arrests stems from video gambling machines that the authorities found to be illegal under Maryland state law. Police say they started monitoring the bar after they had received complaints that illegal gambling was taking place. It was not only the video machines that was found and confiscated, but also poker tables and other gambling paraphernalia.

Not only is Divver in trouble with the law, he could be disciplined by the Board of License Commissioners. The liquor license for Sam’s Bar, could be suspended or revoked, depending on the outcome of a hearing.

The machines in question were in violation of the law because they had automatic bill feeders. They also had the ability to print out tickets with balances. The players would then take those tickets to the bartender, who would pay the amount out in cash.

These arrests have been happening with more frequency around the country. authorities have been cracking down on many convenience stores and bars that operate these illegal gaming machines. The governor has even put a task force together in Alabama to deal with illegal gambling.

Legalized Gambling Legislation in Saipan Halts Tinian Casino Project

Legalized Gambling Legislation in Saipan Halts Tinian Casino Project

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A Tinian casino development project has been brought to a stand still after learning of a bill that would legalize gambling in Saipan.

The development team, which is headed by U.S. based managing director Rudy Pamintuan, was prepared for their groundbreaking ceremony on December 28th. The event has now been postponed.

The company will wait and see what the outcome is of House Bill 15-322. The bill is being sponsored by Vice Speaker Justo S.Quitugua.

The bill is aimed to legalize casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Texas Hold’em, at what was formerly La Fiesta shopping mall. Slot machines would also be allowed at major resorts and hotels.

“We are very disappointed as this action will negatively impact our project on Tinian. Therefore our owners want to stop all movement on our project until the Legislature decides what it wants to do,” said Phillip Mendiola-Long, Executive Vice President of Bridge Investment Group.

The Bill has already been approved by the House and now must be approved by the Senate and signed by the Governor to become law.

Canadian Senator Catches Illegal Online Gambling Bill Attachment

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Governments have a funny way about them. They take ordinary laws that are going to be passed, slip in a clause or two, and come away with laws about things that have nothing to do with the original Bill.

Enter Liberal Senator George Baker from Canada. He brought one of these such clauses to the forefront and received assurance that the wording would be changed to keep online gambling legal in Canada.

There is a big market for internet gambling in Canada. Online poker is huge. This Bill will end that, and that has not been brought up by anyone,” said Baker.

The Bill he is referring to is aimed at updating bookmaking laws. The way that is proposed to do that is to remove Criminal Code references to “telephone” and “telegraph”.

Being that the new law was unclear as to how it was going to affect online gambling, Baker felt there needed to be clarification.

The U.S. government, last year, pulled off a similar move to the one that was being attempted in Canada. The only difference is last year, nobody was able to catch the sly move before it was pushed into law.

The next step is the Senate recommending that the Commons make an amendment to the Bill, specifically stating that offshore based gambling will remain legal in Canada.

Legal Video Machine Gambling May Be Returning To North Carolina

Legal Video Machine Gambling May Be Returning To North Carolina

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North Carolina lawmakers had grown tired of bars and convenience stores being allowed to operate video gambling machines with no regulations. In 2006, they passed a law that would eliminate the machines during a phasing out period.

Even though the phasing out period is complete and the machines were considered illegal, it has not stopped the legal battle. This week, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning issued a ruling that overturned that 2006 law.

The ruling came on the premise that the state could not ban the video gambling and at the same time allow the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to operate the machines. Since the tribe had the machines, bars and convenience store owners should have the same right.

Although the ruling was made, do not expect to see the machines quickly popping back up in the state. Part of the ruling allowed time for the state to appeal the ruling before the machines resurfaced.

McCracken and Amick Inc., a video poker machine vendor brought on the lawsuit. Their lawyers argued the case successfully in front of Manning.

The ban was first put in place because people were complaining about the amount of money they were losing. The payouts on the machine were limited to $10 worth of prizes, not to be paid out in cash. That was causing a discrepancy between the amount people were allowed to bet and the amount they could win.

Legal Lottery Subscriptions In New Hampshire Being Blocked BY UIGEA

Legal Lottery Subscriptions In New Hampshire Being Blocked BY UIGEA

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The rules to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act have only been in effect for a few days, but already there has been problems regarding the law. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission is claiming that Visa and MasterCard are both blocking legal lottery transactions.

“We could end up losing some significant revenue from this. It can amount to a million dollars a year or more to the Lottery if credit cards are not allowed,” said Executive Director of the New Hampshire Lottery, Rick Wisler.

The problem that is arising in New Hampshire is that Visa and MasterCard are blocking online subscription transactions to the Lottery. Many people have decided to go the route of online subscriptions to buy their lottery tickets. It allows people to buy for over 100 draws at a time.

Visa and MasterCard created the issue in New Hampshire when they both changed the merchant code for the Lottery. The change was from “government service” to “betting, casino, and gaming,” according to

This is the first problem that has arose since the UIGEA went into effect. Visa and MasterCard has changed the merchant codes to come into compliance with the law. With the law being vague, it will take some time for banks and credit card companies to adjust the way they are used to doing business.

The company’s may not have to partake in a complete overhaul, however. iMEGA has a lawsuit against the Federal government to eliminate the UIGEA on the basis that it is unconstitutional. They are not the only group trying to have the law overturned.

Representative Barney Frank also has a Bill currently in Congress that would eliminate the UIGEA. The current Congress may also look to regulate the online industry in the not so distant future.

Powerball, a multi-state lottery, is the game mostly being effected in New Hampshire. If the credit cards continue to block the online subscriptions, the state could lose out on valuable money for education. The lottery claims there are over 25,000 subscriptions a year that are signed up for online.

If the credit card company’s review the New Hampshire situation and decide not to change the merchant codes, the state has indicated a willingness to fight their battle in court.

In addition to the cards that are being blocked, the state has also received complaints that additional fees on people’s cards that are being accepted, are being added by banks that are approving the transactions.

“This is just the beginning of many legal problems the government is going to have with the UIGEA. The law is vague, and banks and credit card company’s now have the responsibility to stop online gambling transactions. The government knew these were the dangers of this law, that legal forms of gambling would also be affected by the published rules for the UIGEA,” said Attorney Scott Tredskin.

What Tredskin says holds some truth. Many financial institutions already have said that they would rather block all forms of gambling, rather than spending the money to develop a system that would filter out only what the government states to be illegal, which at this time is undefined.

Legal Battle in Guam Heats Up Over Slot Machine Initiative

Legal Battle in Guam Heats Up Over Slot Machine Initiative

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Gaming opponents and gaming supporters are having their legal battle heat up in Guam. An initiative is set to appear on the ballot this week, and opponents are trying to have it removed.

Attorney Cesar Cabot filed a motion in the Supreme Court on Saturday. The motion is for the court to reject a request of gaming opponents. The request is that the slot machine initiative be removed from the ballot.

The special election is on January 5th. The initiative, according to gaming opponent Lina’la Sin CasiNo, is worded so that it does not fully allow for voters to understand what they are voting for. They also claim that in the brochure sent out to voters, that all laws that are going to be affected by the initiative are not listed.

Guam Greyhound, who opponents claim are the only beneficiary of the initiative, believe the opposition has had ample time to oppose the initiative. They feel that waiting until the last minute was a ploy.

“This court should not allow petitioners to sit on their hands for over a year, or at least since October 26th 2007, and then be able to argue defects in the ballot title…and certification,” stated Attorney Cesar Cabot, the lawyer who filed the motion on Saturday.

Dice Game Goes Sour, Man Arrested For Illegal Gambling

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Underground gambling happens all across the United States. People play house card games. Dice is also popular on the streets. the problem with this form of gambling is that it is not regulated.

One man learned the hard way over the past few days about the dangers that lurk in illegal gambling. Ricky Lee Jones was shooting dice with Beauhanan D. Walker back on December 27th.

Jones and Walker apparently had a confrontation over the game of dice they were playing. walker picked up the money, that was being gambled illegally, and ran off. Jones then phoned police and filed a complaint claiming he wanted his portion of the illegal winnings.

On the next day, Walker was arrested as was Jones. They were both charged with forth degree illegal game betting. The charge carries a maximum sentence of a year in prison.

Jones was not arrested on the charge until a traffic stop on Friday. He was booked at the jail, then he was released on his own recognizance. Jones is fifty three years old. walker is twenty three. Police spent a few hours on December 27th investigating the gambling that was going on.