Legislators Waiting On Tribal Women Before Making Casino Decision

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The Tigua Indian tribe in Austin, Texas, is trying to lobby legislators to make changes in state law that would allow them to re-open their casino that was shut down in 2001. The casino was shut down thanks to a successful lawsuit brought on by current US Senator John Cornyn.

The attempt by the Tiguas, however, has hit a road block. Women do not have the right to vote in tribal elections, and that is a cause for concern among legislators. The tribe does not want to change their laws regarding the women voting.

“The right to vote is a basic human right, and the tribe has economic development issues,” said Representative Valinda Bolton, “Those are true things, they are both true at the same time.” Bolton says she is “looking forward” to talking to women tribal members.

The women voting issue does not look to be one that will stop the process of trying to have the casino back opened. Legislators will meet with women tribal members to learn more about the custom of not allowing women to vote in tribal elections.

The tribe is pinning their hopes of new legislation on the economy. With the economy struggling, the tribe claims they can employ 800 people if the casino is re-opened. They also estimate that $800 million would go into the local economy.

Illegal Gambling Machines Cause Another Arrest, In Maryland

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The beat goes on for authorities around the US. Moving swiftly with an undeniable sense of focus, officers in Howard County, Maryland raided a popular bar this past week and have arrested the owner.


John Edward Divver was arrested and charged with four counts relating to illegal gambling. The arrests stems from video gambling machines that the authorities found to be illegal under Maryland state law. Police say they started monitoring the bar after they had received complaints that illegal gambling was taking place. It was not only the video machines that was found and confiscated, but also poker tables and other gambling paraphernalia.

Not only is Divver in trouble with the law, he could be disciplined by the Board of License Commissioners. The liquor license for Sam’s Bar, could be suspended or revoked, depending on the outcome of a hearing.

The machines in question were in violation of the law because they had automatic bill feeders. They also had the ability to print out tickets with balances. The players would then take those tickets to the bartender, who would pay the amount out in cash.

These arrests have been happening with more frequency around the country. authorities have been cracking down on many convenience stores and bars that operate these illegal gaming machines. The governor has even put a task force together in Alabama to deal with illegal gambling.

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