Chance and disagreement in the game

Luck seems to be a – and abused – of the most used word in the English dictionary. When players lose, they blame him on bad luck. But when they win, they claim to play gods and garbage to place them on luck. In case you count on the chance to win at the casinos?

Whether you believe in luck or not, it does not really matter because luck is something you can not change consciously or stubbornly. Luck comes to you at the least time. Many players certify that wishing good luck does not always guarantee a win, because good luck is as elusive as that expected jackpot jackpot.

Mathematics has a fascinating way of explaining the existence of good and bad luck. Mathematicians call it “disagree. For example, out of 100 flips of the coin, 50 flip will turn out to be heads and 50 will give tails. Disagreement dictates that in a given number of flicks (10 flicks for example), the amount of heads against tails will not necessarily be equal. So for any 10 flicks, the result could be 7 heads and 3 tails. This is called positive disagreement.

Due to the positive disagreement, players have a chance to win in any game of chance, provided they hit the periods of positive disagreement. In the end, the odds will equalize so the player will lose the money because of the house edge. But if you play short term, you can make a nice profit from the game.

Nobody knows for sure when the positive disagreement will be in your favor, so it will be a matter of timing and being at the right place at the right time. If you hit the periods of positive disagreement, you will win and you can consider yourself lucky!

Games that require the chance to win like roulette and slots are perfect examples of the use of positive disagreement. You do not need any skill or strategy, just chance to win in these games. But you still keep playing in these games because you are hoping for good luck, or positive disagreement, to come to you.

If all casino games are based on pure math, no one will play because the casinos will always win because of the house edge. But because of disagreement and positive fluctuations, you may get short-term wins. However, the immobile casino will make profits because luck will eventually equalize.

this way you should throw all those strategies and gaming systems out the window? Of course not. The strategy is very crucial in games like poker and blackjack, but it’s silly to rely on only the chance to win in the game when you can improve your chances of winning by correct strategies.

So do not worry about luck and just play your best every time you play. Think frankly, concentrate on the game and good luck will come to you when you least expect it.

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