China Changing Lottery Laws For First Time in Over Twenty Years


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China became active in the lottery industry back in 1987. Back then, everything was new and fun with the lottery. Recent reports of addictions with devastating effects has prompted the government to look into changing regulations within the lottery.

New regulations may be put in place to ensure that people are safe guarded as much as possible against gambling addiction. The new laws would make it more difficult to develop addiction to the lottery.

While gambling is illegal in China, the lottery is not. That leaves people who are looking to gamble with only one option. That means that addiction to the lottery could occur more frequently than in countries where other forms of gambling are offered.

One of the proposed changes is that minors will not be allowed to participate in the lottery. Another change will be that people will not be allowed to purchase lottery tickets with a credit card.

The Chinese government is still getting public opinion on the matter of the proposed changes. The final results will come out later in the year with the new regulations.

Like most countries outside of the United States, China is addressing the problem by finding solutions, rather than just banning the revenue generating activity all together.


ATM Machines Banned at Gambling Halls in Victoria in 2012

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Victoria is leading the way in an efoort to cut down on the amount of gambling taking place. Premier John Brumby announced ATM machines would no longer be allowed at places with poker machines starting in 2012.

The current gaming licenses expire in 2012, which makes that the date that the new laws would go into effect. The law would ban ATM machines from clubs or bars that offered video poker.

“A lot of Victorian problem gamblers and their families are going to suufer terribly in the four years until this government finally takes some minimal action towards dealing with the problem,” said Michael O’Brien, opposition gaming spokesman.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had talks with Brumby on Monday. The talks led to the decision that barring ATM machines would cut down on problem gambling.

The hope is that other states in Australia follow the lead of Victoria. The idea, on the surface, appears to be a good one.

Anyone who wants to withdraw money to gamble would have to go to another location to do so. That time would give the gambler time to reconsider their decision to withdraw the money.

Club owners have asked Rudd to not make the rule a national one. So far there has been no decision on whether he was considering expanding the law outside of Victoria.

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