Cincinnati Trying Again To Bring Casino Gambling To The City


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In the state of Ohio voters were asked back in the last election about a casino measure and it did not pass. That did not deter lawmakers, however, and they have come back with yet another constitutional amendment that would bring casino gambling to several cities throughout the state.

Cincinnati is one of those cities. They are attempting to bring a casino to the outskirts of downtown along Broadway Commons. The support for this casino is coming from many different areas.

“We think we’re going to be successful, and it’s a very exciting time for Cincinnati,’ said City Councilman Jeff Berding. He is in favor of the new amendment and believes that others in the state are now as well.

My Ohio Now pushed strongly for Issue 6 in the last election, but it was defeated. That was mainly because there was opposition from Penn National, who did not want the competition. The two sides will be on the same side of the argument in the future.

“When the two forces came together, My Ohio Now and Penn National, and said, ‘Yes, we want to join up and have a casino program in Ohio,’ that really gave this a boost,” said Berding.

Last election there was only one area that was going to get the casino, if approved. This time around, the state is being sure to include other areas. Cleveland, Toledo, and Columbus would all receive casinos if the current plan is approved.

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