Legal Video Machine Gambling May Be Returning To North Carolina

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North Carolina lawmakers had grown tired of bars and convenience stores being allowed to operate video gambling machines with no regulations. In 2006, they passed a law that would eliminate the machines during a phasing out period.

Even though the phasing out period is complete and the machines were considered illegal, it has not stopped the legal battle. This week, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning issued a ruling that overturned that 2006 law.

The ruling came on the premise that the state could not ban the video gambling and at the same time allow the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to operate the machines. Since the tribe had the machines, bars and convenience store owners should have the same right.

Although the ruling was made, do not expect to see the machines quickly popping back up in the state. Part of the ruling allowed time for the state to appeal the ruling before the machines resurfaced.

McCracken and Amick Inc., a video poker machine vendor brought on the lawsuit. Their lawyers argued the case successfully in front of Manning.

The ban was first put in place because people were complaining about the amount of money they were losing. The payouts on the machine were limited to $10 worth of prizes, not to be paid out in cash. That was causing a discrepancy between the amount people were allowed to bet and the amount they could win.

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