Lottery Gambling For Nevada Moves Forward Despite Objections

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The state of Nevada is the gambling capital of the world. That being the case, it would make sense to most that they equip themselves with all gambling possibilities. One that has up until now extended beyond their grasp is lottery gambling.

A Nevada Assembly panel voted on Thursday to try to change that. They have voted in favor of moving forward with a plan that would bring lottery gambling to the state.

The plan does not come without objections. Casino owners are not happy that they soon may have additional competition. The casino market has already dried up because of the economy, but that is not stopping proponents of the lottery.

The chief sponsor of the Bill is lawmakers Paul Aizley and he has one simple request for his fellow lawmakers. “Let the voters decide,’ said Aizley, when asked about his plan.

Aizley’s chief argument in favor of the lottery is the added money that the state would receive from a lottery. He claims this is a time when the state needs to expand their options,

Others who are against the proposal claim that people have better odds when playing slot machines in the casinos. The lottery produces such high odds that it will not be worth the trouble of legalizing it

Lack Of Gambling Regulation Leads To Murder In New Jersey

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There is always much debate when the gambling issue comes up in any state. The proponents say that regulation of activity that is already taking place is needed to protect people. Opponents argue that gambling only brings crime.

In New Jersey, the proponents of gambling regulation received confirmation of their beliefs through a tragic situation. A man was killed back in January during a robbery of a location where an illegal gambling operation was taking place.

Yesterday, authorities arrested the man they believe was driving the getaway car during that murder. Anthony Williams has been charged with felony murder, weapons offenses, and robbery. David Ashley had already been arrested in conjunction with the murder on the night of the robbery.

Law enforcement officials spend much of their time trying to break up these illegal, and potentially dangerous illegal gambling operations. Proponents of legalized gambling and regulations argue that regulations would lead to safer places to gamble for residents.

Many states have began to implement new casino gambling laws. The economy is the main force that is driving these regulations, but it is still a step in the right direction towards protecting their residents, according to gambling regulation proponents.

The state of Delaware is going as far as to try and legalize sports gambling. In Florida, lawmakers are discussing a plan that would bring full scale Vegas style casinos to the state

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